Brian Johnston

Sustainability Specialist

Brian_small (1)_edited.png

Brian is a business sustainability specialist with 10+ years global expertise, particularly in the FMCG and consumer goods industries. Long stints spent working inside brands like Sara Lee and ASICS means that Brian understands the practicalities and complexities of implementing strategies that work, and balance the needs of staff, customers and other stakeholders. He has a track record of delivering measurable value for businesses in USA, Europe, Japan and NZ, and experience in developing and supporting sustainability initiatives that reach into manufacturing supply chains in Asia.

Throughout his career, Brian has worked to help businesses embed the principles of sustainability in ways that help them succeed. He believes that business has a critical role to play in helping society to address its sustainability challenges, and that this is best served by focusing on exceeding customer expectations and delivering high quality. 

Now based in Wellington, Brian supports businesses in New Zealand and beyond to better understand their social and environmental impacts in global supply chains, the link to customer expectations on transparency, and how they can take meaningful, authentic action to address them. This proactive and long-term approach helps to not only identify risks, but also helps businesses to meet and exceed market expectations. Often, sustainability challenges can drive opportunities for innovation which add significant business value.