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We help organisations to build capability and confidence, so they can go out and deliver the ethical and responsible impact that the world needs

Connect  With Your Customers

Sustainability has become a basic requirement of doing business.


Customers and consumers increasingly expect businesses to understand their social, environmental AND economic impacts, and to be taking credible action to make the world a better place. There is a very real risk that those that are late to change will be left behind in the new economy.


But where do you start, and how can you set up the building blocks for your organisation to succeed?

How can you best connect for maximum impact?


About Us

Our mission is to help organisations build their capability to thrive in a connected, sustainable world.


This is the key to unlocking real positive impact, and to address the many environmental and social challenges we are facing. But it is also the best way to engage with your audience, and to show them that you mean business.

We can help you whether you are just starting to scope risks and impacts to ensure legal compliance, or are grappling with big and complex challenges like engaging with supply chain partners or living up to leadership aspirations. By developing a 'right-size' approach for your business, we help you focus on what matters most.


You know your business best - Our role is to help build your knowledge and capability on sustainability, enabling you to make credible progress.


Our Approach

We are experts at helping you to build your understanding and capability on sustainability, enabling you to make real progress.

Focus on What Matters

Look Beyond

Take the Lead



Whether you are just getting started or already on your sustainability journey, we can help you to make real progress and proceed with confidence.

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Strategy Development

Map your route

  • Building the business case for change

  • Hotspot mapping

  • Materiality assessment

  • Strategy development

  • Supply chain risk assessment

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Put plans into practice

  • Roadmap development

  • Ethical sourcing

  • Product & packaging development

  • Sustainability data management

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Get your message out

  • Sustainability reporting

  • Customer-facing

  • Consumer-facing

Our services can be delivered in two ways, depending on what best meets your needs:

  • Consulting: Our standard delivery model. It is most effective for organizations that require guidance or strategic support, and have already developed some level of in-house sustainability expertise.

  • Embedding: This is a useful approach for businesses that want to improve their sustainability programme but lack in-house sustainability expertise, or prefer more operational support. We work within the client organization, either physically or remotely, with a focus on building up capability and internal processes.

Connective Impact powered the upgrade of our accreditation framework as we prepared to launch from New Zealand into international markets. Brian's deep knowledge of both environmental and social sustainability, and ability to connect the business and consumer worlds was a perfect fit. He enabled us to strengthen the credibility of our framework while still delivering on our goal to make ethical living easier.

Ben Gleisner - CEO & Co-Founder, CoGo (Connecting Good)




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